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Pristupio/la: 27.Prosinac.2017
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Poslano: 09.Srpanj.2018 u 04:21 | IP zapisan Citiram xiaolan

Overall there must have been half a dozen occasions when
Gareth Southgate was asked whether he could understand
the common perception that England had suddenly found
themselves in a position whereby they might have a
considerably better chance to reach a World Cup final than
many people could have anticipated at the start
of this competition.
Southgate chose his words carefully to make sure he could not
be accused of sounding presumptuous or, worse, of saying
anything that might inadvertently end up being part of José
Pekerman’s team-talk for Colombia.
He made the point that Marcus Rashford was eight years old
on the last occasion England won a knockout tie in a World
Cup – or any major tournament – and everyone knew why he
was saying it.
Southgate’s only lapse came when he talked about Tuesday’s
encounter being England’s “biggest game for 10 years”. He
meant 12 years because, at the risk of being pedantic,
England did not qualify for Euro 2008. But yes, it is the biggest
game since England played Portugal in the 2006 World Cup,
featuring a red card for Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo’s
infamous wink and yet more evidence that
Jersey.html">Vince Biegel Womens Jersey England are not
made for penalty shootouts.
Southgate prefers to speak in plain English, not clichés, so he
refrained from using the age-old phrase about “taking each
game as it comes”. That, however, was the gist of it. Very
sensible, too, when history suggests England should not get
too far ahead of themselves. Reminder: there were members
of Roy Hodgson’s staff punching the air when Iceland scored
the last-minute winner against Austria that meant they would
be England’s first knockout opponents in Euro 2016.
Southgate did acknowledge that England had found
themselves in the better half of the draw, with the possibility
of a quarter-final against Sweden or Switzerland to follow and,
beyond that, a semi-final against Russia or Croatia and no way
of meeting France or Brazil until the final.
England’s base in the pine forests of Repino may be secluded
but Southgate is in enough contact with the wider world to
e_Jersey"> h
understand that the fervour is building
back home. “I am not surprised,” he said. “Whenever people
say ‘I don’t care about international football’ that tends to be
during the season. Then you come to a big tournament and it
is not just football fans, it is grandads, it is aunts, everyone,
supporting the team. And, for some reason, they like these
His bigger point was that this was not a time to think of any
other match apart from the next one. “That was a trap we’ve
fallen into in the past,” he said. “I
Mosley-Jersey">C.J. Mosley Jersey can see everybody is
more excited but we have to think separately, otherwise we
just get carried away on the wave of emotion and we would
not be thinking clearly about what we have to affect. We have
to control the bits we have to control. But we would be foolish
to focus on longer into the tournament.”
Again it came back to the Iceland game and the mistake many
people made of assuming England were set for a quarter-final
against France in Paris. Hodgson and his assistant, Ray
Lewington, did not even bother going to the Iceland-Austria
game to make a personal check their next opponents,
preferring instead to spend the day sightseeing and going on
a boat journey down the river Seine. Even now, two years on,
it seems like a remarkable oversight and listening to
Southgate it was clear he felt the attitude of the players was
wrong, too.
“A few of these players, in the last championships, were in a
fixture they thought they should win. Then, once they went
behind, they suddenly felt that approach wasn’t correct. We
won’t fall into that trap again, against a really good team. It is
one of many games that we have unpicked because it would
be silly not to look at previous tournaments and try to identify
what we can learn.”





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