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The last time England got this far was It - klađenje i kladionice Forum : NOGOMET

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Pristupio/la: 12.Prosinac.2017
Poruke: 63
Poslano: 12.Srpanj.2018 u 03:11 | IP zapisan Citiram lucyweiweiwei

The last time England got this far was Italia
Put out more flags. Remove the creases from your St George’s
Cross jester’s hat. Prepare to
Johnson-Jersey">Chad Johnson Jersey launch a pint of
lukewarm lager towards the ceiling. England are ready to go
again.On Wednesday night Gareth Southgate’s team will walk
out at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow
to play England’s first
Jersey.html"> k
World Cup semi-final in 28
years. Their opponents Croatia are ranked six places lower by
Fifa. For Southgate and his players a moment of
ILLIAMS+JERSEY">P. J. Williams Authentic Jersey rare
sporting crisis awaits.If the last few days have been marked
by a feeling of gathering English hysteria, not to mention
booze-sodden escapism as the rest of the country
energetically falls to bits, then it is worth noting these
moments don’t come around very often.

The last time England got this far was Italia 90, when Margaret
Thatcher was still in power, Jeremy Corbyn was in court for not
paying the poll tax and England fans in Turin had to phone
long distance from a call-box to have any idea what was going
on back home.

Should they get past Croatia Southgate’s players will return to
Moscow on Sunday for what would be England’s first world
Cup final since 1966 and all that: an event so jealously seared
into popular culture – the Empire Stadium, Nobby dancing,
Bobby Moore wiping his hands before shaking the Queen’s
white glove – it seems almost an act of heresy to think about
matching it.
Win or lose the most remarkable part of England’s run in
Russia is the sense of shared public affection. Through four
weeks in Russia, from Volgograd to Samara, the players have
emerged as a hugely likeable crew and a flattering reflection of
the country at large – clever, diligent, funny, and agreeably
diverse in their backgrounds.Plus of course there is Southgate,
who in the last few weeks has seemed at times like the only
person jaylen-brown-
jersey.html"> -
left in charge of anything who
looks like he actually knows what he’s doing.
On Tuesday afternoon it was standing room
owens-jersey">Terrell Owens Jersey only for the manager’s
last public appearance before the final, the air in the Luzhniki
press room thick with excitement, event-glamour and the
effects of four weeks on the road with minimal laundry
Cameras whirred, necks craned. Somebody fell over at the
back. And finally there he was, the great Gareth. And yes it is
just Gareth now: role model, dreamboat and all-round sun king
of Russia 2018. Gareth wasn’t wearing his waistcoat here, or
his “sleeveless suit staple” as one newswire report put it at
the weekend, ever-fearful of using the same word twice.With
the sleeveless suit staple rested Gareth was casual in a black
and blue sports top, drawing a hush as an urgent first
question was posed from the floor about the rubber chicken
England’s players had been pictured chucking around in
training. “It was jut a bit of fun,” Gareth explained, as three
hundred pairs of fingers whirred at his every prompt.
Nobody expected any of this. Perhaps that’s why it feels so
glorious. England weren’t supposed to win a penalty shootout
or Gregory-Polanco-
get to the last four of a World
Cup. We weren’t supposed to adore the players, presented for
so long as a coterie of gloweringly entitled star athletes.
Southgate wasn’t even supposed to be England manager,
stepping up from the youth teams when Sam Allardyce was
sacked after a newspaper sting that revealed little of interest
beyond the fact the England
e_Jersey_Cheap">Kelechi Osemele Authentic Jersey
manager had sat in a restaurant drinking a pint of wine.








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